Sponsorship Masterclass

How to Create 6 Figure Sponsorships

Online Sponsorship Course

Eventistry By Alecia brings you Savvy Sponsorship Group Mastermind,  the online program designed to educate, inspire, and help you devise a master plan for gaining and retaining event sponsorships. Discover everything you need to know about landing event sponsors that connect with your brand and target audience.

What Does it Include?

✔️6 Modules JAM PACKED with my knowledge of How I Acquired $5 million in in Sponsorship for Events

✔️Lifetime Access of Previous Live Recordings in a Private Google Folder

✔️Templates, worksheets and examples of my $100K Event Sponsorship Deck (YES one sponsor gave us $100K and I’ll show you the winning copy)

✔️How to get in with big brand name sponsors

✔️Access to the Resource Library: Interviews with Sponsors Videos to DIRECTLY see what they are looking for.

✔️1:1 30 minute call with you, so I can customize your Event Sponsorship needs and point you in the right direction of where you can find sponsors for your event (WHEN PAID IN FULL ONLY)

What Course Materials are Included in the Live Masterclass?


Week 1: Who Are the Sponsors + What do They Want?
Savvy Sponsorship - Week 1 Content
543 KB
Week 1 Workbook
839 KB
Week 1 Masterclass Zoom Recording
(1h 01m 09s)
Week 2: Create your Target Audience + Demographics
Buyer Persona SAMPLE Spreadsheet
21.5 KB
246 KB
200 KB
169 KB
Week 2 Slides
3.61 MB
Week 2 Masterclass Recording
Week 3: Perfect your Sponsorship Pitch Deck
Week 3 Exercise Pitch Deck
538 KB
Week 3 Slides
5.32 MB
Folder of Sample Decks
Sponsorship Masterclass Week 3 Recording
Week 4: Your Sponsorship Outreach Strategy
Week 4 Slides
4.01 MB
The Pitch Process Workbook
208 KB
Week 4: Sponsorship Masterclass Zoom Recording
Week 5: Your Followup Strategy
Sponsorship Strategy Sample
8.42 KB
Week 5 Slideshow
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Week 6: Nurture your Sponsor
Week 6 Slides
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BONUS: Interviews with Sponsors

Savvy Sponsorship Online Course is the first of its kind with end-to-end training on matching you with the perfect sponsor, closing the deal, and strategizing your way through a lucrative business partnership.

For every online summit convention, exhibition, conference, gala, retreat, presentation, seminar, or mastermind–there’s a sponsor waiting for their opportunity to collaborate with you.

But YOU have to make the first move.

Eventistry by Alecia

Alecia May, CEO of Eventistry by Alecia is a High Level Coach, who has acquired $5 million in Event Sponsorships.