6 Figure Event Planning Mastery™ by Alecia May

6 Figure Event Planning Mastery™

The Group Program for Event Planners. 

Create the Event Business of your Dreams

This Group Mastermind Program will help you get to that next level, whether it's removing the stumbling blocks holding you back, or building a team

I know that hustling doesn’t create a sustainable business, but having the right support, the right people at the right time will help you succeed.

Isn't it Time?

I will walk you through step by step on how to succeed in this industry.

One of my coaching clients is booked until end of 2020 in her Luxury Event Planning Business in Los Angeles.

Another client sold her Event Styling Program via Instagram stories and went on to make a $46k launch.

It’s about finding what works for YOU.

If you feel fear, it is completely normal because it’s the uncomfortable that tests us and makes us into who we deserve to be.

High Level Event Coaching for Planners

The 6 Figure Event Planning Mastery™ is a unique program because it is not a "one size fits all" approach.  This program will help you unstick your "stuck places", helps you create and achieve your own version of success, and kick starts big changes and little revolutions in your business.

Imagine for a moment, what it would be like to have true, genuine connection with women who "get you" and have your back. A tribe of women who are go-getters in every way. Who want to see you reach your success as much as you do.

What would that do for your business?


Sometimes, the only thing keeping us from our success is ourselves...

And not having the RIGHT people around us to help us reach that finish line.

We cover Expert Trainings on Topics like:
  • Identifying your Unique Selling Point and WHO you are / Your Missions / Your Values
  • Creating your Event Planning Marketing Plan based on your USP
  • Creating Backend Systems and Automations for your Event Planning Biz (so you can sign clients with EASE)
  • How to LAND Clients (and where to look for them!)
  • Why you need to be SOCIAL, and How to Sell Yourself (and your biz) on Social Media Platforms
  • Create Packages, Pricing and How to Put it All Together
  • BONUS: How to Acquire Sponsorships for your Clients!
  • Expert Trainings on: All Things Legal (with your Event Planning Biz + Your Clients!)
  • AND MORE!!!

  • 6x 30 minute 1:1 calls (1x per month)
  • 1:1 2 HOUR VIP intensive call (only first 3 PEOPLE receive this)
  • Bi-weekly group calls with teachings and hot seats
  •  Monthly Trainings and Experts 
  • 1 weekend in-person retreat in April 2020 in New Orleans!
    (flight not included)

Yes! I'm Ready to Apply!

I'm Alecia May...

My superpower is seeing a bigger vision for yourself. Don't think you can do it? I challenge you to the next level. In a group setting, you'll be pushed to the next level with professionals that GET IT. Be in a community with like-minded individuals, grow your business dramatically and get the help you need NOW. This isn't one size fits all.

When you work in the 6 Figure Event Mastery Program, you get perspective, support, education, and inspiration from a coach who gets where you’re at, cares where you’re headed, and shares your desire to create a successful, profitable, and sustainable planning business - on your terms.

With three successful 6 Figure Businesses, including both Brick and Mortar and Online, HELPING OTHERS SUCCEED IN THEIR Business is my life passion.

Real Results from Clients

She basically turned on a light switch for me!! Alecia gave me insight that I never would have guessed existed.  She turned me on to a whole new world of event hosting and planning that makes your guests/clients feel so extra special, she helps you cover EVERY DETAIL, and as a Certified Confidence Coach it was important to me that she left me feeling completely confident in what I was doing. 
Amie Pederson
My 1st event was a HUGE success. It sold out and went as smoothly as possible. In our post event survey, 91% of respondents rated the event as an 8 or higher on a scale of 1 to 10. We also received over $50k in Sponsorships from her Coaching ALONE.  It's clear that she is super experienced and that really shows when you work with her. On top of that, she is fun, confident, and organized which really made working with her a pleasure. 
Kristen Bor, Barefoot Theory
Alecia knows EVERYTHING about events and negotiates with hotels in her sleep, conjuring the dreamiest picture in our imaginations of what Legendary Life Event could be. OH MY GAWD - YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE HOW FANTASTIC THIS WOMAN IS!!!! She handled every detail of the event, and you need to hire her for everything events related. You won't be disappointed. This girl KNOWS EVENTS!! 
Tarzan Kay

The Retreat

The Retreat will bring us together in an intimate setting. We will bond, laugh, learn and grow from each other in a supportive community.

The 2020 retreat will be in April.

During this retreat you will learn how to:
- Take serious action on your growth and mindset
- Create strong friendships with your mastermind sisters

As a 6 Figure Event Planning Mastery™ client, this is part of your tuition. Your lodging and food is paid for, all you have to do is pay for your flight. 

One of a Kind Training...

I am opening this up to only 15 people. I incorporate both one-to-one and group coaching. 100% of my clients in this program get results in both INCOME and IMPACT.

This mastermind focuses on creating an Event Planning Business, and Scaling it 10x in 6 months.

I share everything from strategy to even my mistakes so you don’t make the same ones too.



Are there Requirements to Join?

You need to be an Event Professional - either online based or brick and mortar. We do not help with creating a business plan, but rather how to scale your event business to 6 Figures and beyond. If you are a corporate event planner - looking to make the jump to your own biz, this group program is perfect for you!

Will I Get Results?

How much time, energy and intention will determine the success you provide. At the same time, I always instill open communication and feedback so if there is anything you want to learn more on, ask me. 

When Does it Start?

This is a 6 month program. It starts when you sign up, but if you are one of the first 3 people who sign up, you receive a 2-hour VIP 1:1 intensive with me via zoom!

How Many People will be Accepted in the Program?

We do cap our registration off at 15 people. Our first group program had 7 (a lovely intimate group), but larger groups feed off each other for accountability and sisterhood!

How Much does the Program Cost?

We have a full-pay option, an accelerated plan, and a six-month extended plan.

We currently have a FLASH sale for the first 3 people to join!

Is the Live In Person Mastermind Included?

YES! I can't wait to meet you in person. This group will meet in April 2020 - in New Orleans!! Dates are TBD. Please note - flight is not included, but accommodations and meals will be inclusive for our 3 day mastermind.

Eventistry by Alecia

Alecia May, CEO of Eventistry by Alecia is a High Level Coach, who has acquired $5 million in Event Sponsorships.